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Bed Bug Photos

Bed Bug eggs empty
Bed bug 1st instar unfed
Bed bug 2nd instar unfed
Bed bug 3rd instar unfed
Bed bug 4th instar unfed
Bed bug 5th instar unfed
1st Instar
2nd Instar
3rd Instar
4th Instar
5th Instar
Bed bug eggs
Bed bug 1st instar fed
Bed bug 2nd instar fed
Bed bug 3rd instar fed
Bed bug 4th instar fed
Bed bug 5th instar fed



Adult Female Unfed
Adult Male Unfed
Adult Female fed
Adult Male fed



Bed bug in the early nympth stage
Bed bug in te nymph stage.
Bed bug nymph in the later stage before become an adult.
photo of an adult bed bug
An adult bed bug.
A bed bug
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