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Symptoms Of Bed Bug Bites

Bed Bug

Bed bug bites can be quite indistinguishable from many other insect bites. However, the areas for bed bug bites are:

  • Red sports, frequently with a spot of darker red spot in the center

  • Itchy skin

  • Made up of a cluster or a rough line

  • Found on the neck, arms, hands and the face

Small inflamed red bumps are how a bed bug rash starts. Something which is like a mosquito bite, but slightly more swollen. If you believe you have a bed bug rash, take a few days to examine it. Protracted itching of the rash is usually an indicator. Unlike mosquito bites, those of the bed bug do not heal up as quickly, and can sometimes stay swollen for weeks at a time. Into their victim’s skin, they insert a thin stylet from their beaks, as they search for mini blood vessels. They are known to move if they are disturbed by the host moving and bite continually to find the right spot to feed. An anesthetic and anticoagulant are released in their saliva from their beaks when they bite. The face, legs, and arms are the typical places where bites occur. They do not bite areas which are covered with clothing.

The reactions caused by a bed bug bite can vary from person to person – some can experience white or red itchy bumps, pustules, and blisters, while others have no reaction at all. If bitten by a bed bug, the rash can appear within as little as a few minutes, or up to two weeks. It is all down to how each person’s body reacts to the chemicals injected by the bed bugs. Bed bugs are never the first conclusion that people jump to when they see a red rash, this is probably due to the appearance being like other insects. This is ideal for the bugs, but not for you because it allows them time to reproduce and infest other areas of your home – and also the furniture and other structures too.

It is vital therefore that you carry out an inspection of your bedroom or other sleeping areas if at any time you see rashes or insect bites on your skin.

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