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The Cryonite© Freeze Treatment

Cryonite® Freeze the latest technology for the removal of bed bugs, without the need for harsh chemicals and pesticides.

Using Carbon Dioxide (il2) and its extreme properties, Cryonite® Freeze rapidly kills bed bugs. The liquid il2 is transformed into dry ice and freezes them. There is no wet or sticky residue left with this system, and il2 is not toxic. .

At average temperatures, when the il2 hits a surface, it transforms into a il2 gas. Energy is needed during this process, and as such, heat is pulled in from the nearby surroundings.

Energy is withdrawn from the surroundings and the bed bugs, which results in extreme cooling because the water within the bed bugs crystallizes into ice and kills them instantaneously. Cryonite® Freeze particles optimally reach the bugs and cling to them, ensuring a real kill. No matter what life stage the bugs may be at, Cryonite® kills them all, unlike other insecticide treatments.
The il2 snow is blasted from the patented application nozzle, and the vapors quickly and simply infiltrate box springs, cracks, and crevices, beneath the furniture and bedding, all the places where the bed bugs love to hide – it freezes them to death! Other insecticide treatments just cannot penetrate the areas that Cryonite® can, meaning that they do not achieve an effective kill.


The advantages of Cryonite® Freeze:

  • It is non-toxic and entirely safe!

  • It can be used at any time and is safe to use it anywhere – and that includes food preparation surfaces.

  • There is no wet or sticky residue left after the treatment.

  • It is possible to use it on electrical outlets – the perfect place for insects hide.

  • It can be used in sensitive environments.

  • You do not have to evacuate any areas and can return to the room immediately after Treatment 

In areas of health risk or where a room space is valuable and cannot be left for long, Cryonite® Freeze is the perfect solution.

  • Hotels and dormitories

  • Hospitals

  • Facilities where food is processed

  • Apartments or Residential Homes

  • Office Buildings/Blocks

Bugs and other insects can become immune to pesticides, but with Cryonite® Freeze, chemicals are not used, but instead, the bugs are removed physically.


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