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The Do's and Don'ts Of Bed Bugs

Bed Bug

Things You Should Not Do


  • Before anything else, do not panic! Bed bugs can be difficult to remove but, with Professional Pest Management, you can achieve complete elimination within a short period.

  • Foggers can cause an infestation to spread, become worse, so do not use them.

  • You should not throw out your box spring or mattress, that is unless you are going to replace them. If you do intend to get rid of them, then there are things you need to do to avoid any further infestation in other parts of the building.

  • You do not have to throw away all your furniture; nearly everything can be saved with treatment.

  • Bed bugs can walk! Don’t think you can outrun them by sleeping in another room. They will seek you out, and by the time they do, the infestation will have spread.

  • Moving furniture around from an infested room into another will cause the bugs to spread.

  • Trying to treat the infestation yourself is a no go! In general, it does not work, and can sometimes increase or prolong the problem.

Things You Can Do


  • If you find a bed bug, get some clear masking tape to trap it, and then pin it down on a piece of white paper, and hand it over to your Pest Management expert.

  • De-clutter where possible. The more clutter you have, the more likely the bed bugs will find a safe place to hide, which will make it difficult for your Pest Management expert to examine and treat the problem

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