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Identifying an Infestation of Bed Bugs

Bed Bug


Many people had never seen bed bugs up until their more current insurgency. Although some may have seen them, they were completely unaware of what they were seeing. Being able to identify the appearances of bed bugs will help you become more effective in finding them when you search your home, and if you do locate any, the precautions you can take.

Juvenile bed bugs are clear or red if they have been feeding and are just above a millimeter in length (almost invisible to the human eye). The adults, however, are rust-colored, have no wings and are a similar size to an apple seed.

They have flat bodies and six legs, which enables them to squeeze into and hide in the tiniest of cracks (where they lay their eggs). During the day, the hide. Before they feed, they are flat, like a piece of paper, enabling them to fit into thin crevices.

Once they have fed, they change dramatically and become dark red in color and bloated.
The eggs of a bed bug are about the size of a pinhead, white, and shaped like a pear. They can be found in crevices in groups of between 10-50.
Newly born nymphs have almost no color at all and remain like that until they have their first meal of blood.
If an infestation is detected early on, it can be contained much easier.

It can be far harder to eliminate bed bugs if they spread to other areas of your home.


Bed bug in the early nympth stage
Bed bug in te nymph stage.
Bed bug nymph in the later stage before become an adult.
An adult beg bug.


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